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MILGARD - Aluminum Windows & Doors

MILGARD Aluminum Series has a great selection of products in many different styles to brighten any home. Milgard Aluminum windows was developed to address specific design requirements - not as a low-cost alternative to other material options. As a result, Milgard Aluminum windows have the flexibility to suit a multitude of projects ranging from custom homes to light commercial applications. 

The timeless durability of Milgard Aluminum Windows & Doors

Light and thin with the hallmark of aluminum durability. For years, architects and builders have specified aluminum windows and patio doors for their overall strength and lasting value. Because of their rigidity and durability, aluminum windows can be configured into combinations with a large glazing area for maximizing views. But today’s aluminum windows are very different than those you may remember from a few years ago.

Milgard extremely popular with architects, aluminum windows & patio doors help accentuate the clean lines of modern design. Aluminum Series windows & patio doors are not only beautiful, they are extremely durable to achieve unique architectural vision. Choose among four versatile colors including Clear Anodized and Bronze Anodized frames.

It’s tough to beat Milgard Aluminum Windows & Patio Doors for their overall combination of strength, durability and design flexibility.

Two kinds of Aluminum - Thermally Improved Aluminum

Milgard has both Standard Aluminum and Thermally Improved Aluminum windows and patio doors. Depending on region, one may be require Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum windows & patio doors. ... please click open pdf catalog for feature benefit 

Thermally Improved Aluminum . . .

The use of thermal barriers in aluminum framed windows & patio doors vastly improves insulating ability. Polyurethane is placed between the frame to create a thermal barrier and reduce the flow to heat. Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum windows & patio doors are equipped with this thermal break and as a result, are more energy efficient.

Aluminum Series Patio Doors
Behind great windows & doors . . .

To make the best aluminum windows and patio doors in the industry, we have to start with the best components. So our rollers, locks, frame members and hardware are designed to keep our windows in the forefront of appearance, security and strength. Many are Milgard exclusive designs, offering performance you won’t find anyplace else.

Because Milgard aluminum windows are a premium window product, we offer the options and features you expect in a premium window line. Things like our SunCoat® Low-E high performance insulating glass (standard in all Milgard windows and doors), two grid styles and color finishes to match your design taste.

We offer a single action locking system on slider and single hung windows —so when your window is closed, it’s locked. No more wondering if you left a window unlocked in your home or business.

Key Benefits

Narrow Sight Lines to Inspire Design Freedom

Light and Thin with the Hallmark of Aluminum Durability

A Smooth Feel to the Touch

Full Lifetime Warranty

Milgard® Aluminum Window & Door Frame Colors

Milgard® Aluminum windows and patio doors are available in 4 exterior frame colors. Choose from standard colors of tan and white  or enjoy more color flexibility with premium exterior finishes Clear Anodized and Dark Bronze Anodize to coordinate with your home design. 

To create color that lasts, Milgard developed a new coating technology that allows UV rays to pass through the paint and reflect off the vinyl frame. This preserves the exterior color and finish

Design Flexibility

Milgard aluminum windows can be combined and matched to build just about any configuration you can dream up. And because of aluminum’s inherent strength, these configurations aren’t hindered by large mullions or other view-robbing structural members.

Customization Options

Color options:

Note: White color option is not available on Thermally Improved aluminum.


Positive Action Lock

Closes and locks window securely in one action. Eliminates guessing — if the window is closed, it's locked.

Sliding Door Lock

Hand Lock  - Casement and Awning

* Push out option available

Grids options:

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