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MILGARD - Quite Line® Series Vinyl Windows & Doors

MILGARD Quiet Line Series If you live by an airport, highway or downtown area, you know how noisy it can be. Milgard designed Quiet Line Series windows for exceptional sound control in midst of the busiest environments. Milgard® windows and doors already deliver excellent noise protection. Quiet Line Series windows reduce noise by an additional 30 percent compared to other Milgard windows, giving you the benefit of a peaceful home even if you live near an airport or overlook a freeway. Enjoy a quieter home for unwinding and resting. 

Engineered for Superior Sound Control

Each Quiet Line Series window is double glazed with a built-in sound panel, essentially two windows combined into one. But rather than gluing together two separate components, Milgard carefully designs each quality window through single-extrusion construction for superior sound control and better weather protection.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is the main rating system used to communicate how well products block sound. A typical double glazed window provides an STC rating of 28-32. Quiet Line Series can provide a rating of up to 48 --- better protecting against the noise pollution that may keep families up at night.

Designed to Complement Other Vinyl Lines

While engineering the components that contribute to Quiet Line's performance, Milgard was also sensitive to the design. When homeowners install Quiet Line Series, they are usually doing so for the noisiest part of the house. To keep a uniform look throughout,  Quiet Line Series can be matched with the window styles from Montecito® Series and Tuscany® Series product lines.

Windows — A Great Place to Start

Whether it’s the scream of a fire truck passing by, or the drone of a neighbor’s barking dog, the overall comfort of your home is impacted. 

As a manufacturer of windows, we can’t keep all the sounds outside your home from getting in. But windows are the best way to greatly reduce sound without major structural changes to the home. That’s because poor performing windows are usually the worst culprit when it comes to exterior noises making their way into your home.

Our Quiet Line™ Series windows begin with the same vinyl material and craftsmanship that has won Milgard the distinction of Builder Magazine’s “Highest Quality Vinyl Windows in the Nation” eight times. 

Add to this our advanced engineering and high performance glazing options and you have some of the highest sound control options available in residential windows.

Quality that will never go out of style

When Milgard set out to create a better window & door, we re-imagined just about everything. Milgard windows & doors are now the best choice for homeowners, architects and builders; and a popular choice for new construction, renovation and remodel projects and historical restorations.

Key Benefits

Superior Sound Control

Complements Other Milgard Vinyl Series

Full Lifetime Warranty

Quiet Line Window Hardware

Standard Handle

Folding Handle

Quiet Line Series Locks

Tested and Built for Your Climate

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