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AG Windows & Doors In an era where mergers and acquisitions rule the window and door industry, and many small companies have been absorbed into multi-national fenestration conglomerates, AG Millworks remains dedicated to its independent California roots. Since our founding in 1986 we have been privately owned, skillfully managed and independently operated. We make beautiful doors with incredible attention to detail. When we have good ideas, we implement them without bureaucracy. It’s that simple.


Our motto, a quality point of view begins in our Ventura, California production facility near the Pacific shoreline overlooking the iconic Channel Islands National Park where we create bi-fold doors and windows, lift and slides, multi-slides, French doors, entry doors and windows.

Our business is based on the belief that when you provide real value, you create customers for life. With pride in handcraftsmanship, real world experience and just the right amount of technological advancement, we create beautiful, American-crafted products that reflect that belief. We use low-V.O.C. factory finishes to keep our community and your family safe, and we give back to our community with a carefully executed wood waste recycling program that has been in operation since 1992.

Great design, extraordinary customer service and a fair price are the foundations of our philosophy and practice. We assemble, hang and swing every door system in our factory before prepping for delivery, so great fit and finish are guaranteed. Handcrafted attention to detail, steady growth and industry-leading production times are the benchmarks by which we measure our success.

Thank you for considering AG Millworks for your fenestration needs, and we are confident you will come to share our quality point of view.

AG Millworks Windows & Doors . . . available at Smart Building Material Supply

A QUALITY POINT OF VIEW Hand crafted with care and just the right amount of technological innovation, AG Millworks Bi-Fold, Lift and Slide, Multi-Slide, French doors, Entry Doors and Custom Bi-Fold Windows feature high quality material. We pride ourselves on precision fitting and cutting edge features. Whether you are designing a high end custom residential home to express your luxury lifestyle or planning a modest remodel, AG Millworks will create the perfect products for you.

AG MILLWORKS - WOOD Windows & Doors

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